Friday, 30 September 2011

The joy of shopping in local shops!

For quite some time, I having been cutting right back on shopping in supermarkets. I like the idea of  going back to the way our Mothers and Grandmothers used to shop. The supermarkets have become a place of convenience but at what cost! More and more village shops have closed and the same has been happening in towns. It is becoming harder to find villages and small towns where you can find everything that you need without having to go to a supermarket.  
Supermarkets lack soul and atmosphere. The endless rows of tins, packaging makes it all feel very industrial and  encourage us to buy things we don't really need.  Supermarket shopping is not a pleasurable experience for me and I am reluctant to give money to such companies, I prefer to support smaller shops and individual traders. 

Where do I go to do my shopping?

One of my favourite places is Castle Cary. It is a pretty little country town.
This morning, just after dropping off my daughter at school I went there and did some shopping.
I cannot imagine anyone going there and not liking it!

There are many individual boutiques selling a wide range of things

This little lane leads to the post office

Isn't it just stunning! Castle Cary is full of beautiful architecture.

Looking back from the Post Office

Market place

This is a fantastic stall, "Alex's Salad". Alex is well know locally and his Friday stall is a great success. All the produce is home grown, no pesticides. The quality and taste are excellent, so much better than supermarket ones. I always buy organic but even the organic fruit and veg bought from supermarkets don't taste as good as home grown ones.

 Today I bought some curly kale, beetroots, spinach, plum tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, salad, little yellow round cucumber, yellow and green courgettes and celery.

You really have pretty much all you need when it comes to shops and places to eat! They are all so varied and interesting. What I like most is that they are individual. 
The town retains a very traditional feel with a lot of character and that is why I like it so much. 

Lovely shop.....So lovely that I will be doing a blog post about it soon. 

This antique shop is not always open but when it is, it's really worth having a look. The owner always finds such beautiful and unusual things.

 I hope you enjoyed the little tour of Castle Cary, it has given you an insight of where I go to do some of my shopping. I had so much more fun than if I had been to the supermarket!

I am loving this beautiful weather. The colours of the trees look amazing in this warm mellow light.

Enjoy your weekend!

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Isabelle X


The Devil Makes Work said...

Oh I love Castle Cary. Sue took me there when I was house hunting and I had the best jam donut I have EVER had there from the little bakers. We also went into that antique shop as well - I think the ladies name is Erica?

Beautiful pictures. The salad stall looks brill. I will definitely be checking that out when I move!


jill said...

Hi,we visited Castle Cary about 7yrs ago and I thought then what a lovely place and looking at your pics has made me want to visit again.I love to shop in the little shops as I call them and support the owners, the super markets just seem to get bigger and bigger and are taking over.We need more people to shop locally.Love Jill xx

Vintage to Victorian at Dairy House Antiques said...

Hi Isabelle

I love going to Castle Cary although sadly I don't manage to get there as often as I'd like, even though it's only a few miles down the road from Somerton.

I certainly think it's time for another visit!

Sue x

Country Rabbit said...

I love shopping in villages/ small towns where you have to go to variety of shops to get everything not under one big warehouse style place with no soul...i like local traders that have convo's with you while you shop and you feel you know them. I worked in a Suffolk family shop when i was with my first long term partner, we used to make tea for the locals and the village atmosphere was so adorable- i loved dressing the window with seasonal themes- you'd get to know your customers- cared for your community, helped people to their cars and bikes with shopping ;0)
we'd have so much fun...but sadly after a big supermarket moved in a neighbouring area and the shops struggled/ now sold up...luckily a tea room moved in and another gifty shop, still have the bakery and post office...some elderly didnt drive and couldnt walk far- where would they shop if the community shops went?...its sad to see shops going under, little places make big hearty shops that care about each and every person individually.
Looks a delightfully lovely place the historical buildings and cobbled walks ;0)x

bellaboo said...

I think it's very important to support our local shops,and anyway the quality of the produce is so much better and fresher than from the supermarket.Ok,you may have to pay a bit more,but it's worth it.
Hope you are enjoying this wonderful Indian Summer! :0)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Castle, great photos and post!

Have a nice weekend, kisses:)

Madelief said...

Hi Isabelle,

What a beautiful town Castle Cary is. All those little shops. They are rapidly disappearing in Rotterdam too. Love the way you captured the early morning light in your photo's!

Happy weekend,

Madelief x

Shelley said...

Oh my,I don't think I will ever be able to visit such a lovely wonderful place in my life time...thanks you so much for sharing it here....such beauty in all that you shown us...blessings

reginascottage said...

hi isabelle,
what a beautiful town castle cary is.
i like all the nice little shops.
wonderful pictures!!!!!
have a nice weekend,

ted and bunny said...

we often do a detour to Castle Cary if we're in the area but mainly for the shabby French shop...if the lady is in a "melow" mood there's always some bargains to be had!
Have a lovely weekend

Elegancemaison said...

Thank you for this beautiful post Isabelle. I absolutely applaud and agree about shopping in the local shops. Unfortunately we hardly have any left here in Salisbury. There is still one butcher, but his meat is not really that good though I do buy from him when I can. There's also a local bakery chain which morphed into a 'fat people's food shop' selling greasy and smelly food but has lately turned again and is selling some really nice breads including sourdough and spelt loaves. There's also a large twice weekly market including a fresh fish stand - brilliant. And a weekly farmer's market for speciality foods. It is a bit expensive for my budget though I do try to purchase locally farmed meat, fish and cheese when I can afford it.

And as for Castle Cary - I've only ever passed it by on the way to Shepton Mallet Giant Flea market, but will definitely make it a destination this autumn.

It's me said...

What a great city !!!...enjoy a happy from

June said...

What an amazing place Carey Castle is Isabelle. Thank you , thank you for taking us to this beautiful shopping area. This was a delight!
hugs from here...

Carolyn said...

Thank you Isabelle for such a lovely post. Castle Cary definitely evokes 'English country village' to an anglophile from 'down under'!

The Cookie Jar said...

All those lovely shops, much better than a big faceless supermarket.

Victorian1885 said...

Good morning Isabelle
What a beautiful area! Castle Cary is beautiful... I can imagine strolling through the shops and stopping for tea or a delicious lunch. Since we have moved to a small town recently we ensure we do our shopping in the small shops to support our new community as well. Thank you for sharing this wonderful part of your world.

Linda Carswell said...

What an absolutely gorgeous little town, I enjoyed seeing your photos very much....thank you!

Nancy's Notes said...

Oh my, Isabelle, what fascinating little shops. Carey Castle looks like a perfect place to shop. I'd enjoy just walking around and taking in the local charm! Great post.


Kom Achterom said...

What a beautiful city! and what a great photo's
happy day

Liz said...

Looks fantastic - wish there were shops like that near me!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

karen said...

It's lovely to know there are still thriving communities of proper shops in little pockets of rural England. I haven't been to Castle Cary for years but it looks a very interesting and enjoyable place to shop. Your posts always make me feel positive and inspired. Karen X

Annie said...

Wow, that was a pictureful trip down memory lane ... I grew up in Somerset and know Castle Cary very well. Lucky you to be able to do your shopping there.

SWEET MARY said...

Castle Cary looks beautiful and thankyou for sharing your photos. We live in a small town in NZ and although I do some shopping in the supermarket, most of it is done locally especially at our excellent Farmers Market.

Linda McMullan said...

What a lovely, lovely town! I wish so much that I could do my shopping there, but alas, I am in North Carolina instead of England. I'll just be content with your wonderful photos...thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Okay, totally jealous now, Isabelle! I can't even imagine shopping like this. Our local shopping centre is about as opposite as this as you could imagine! A lot of time, I choose to shop online so I can dodge the traffic and planes etc. xx

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi Isabelle,
I haven't been to Castle Cary for months now...but your beautiful photographs have certainly reminded me I need to make the trip again... It looks just magical with the glorious sunshine lighting up the high street.
Thank you for the lovely post,
Niki x