Saturday, 31 July 2010

Children, moos & bikes

On Monday we went to Kent for a couple of days. My sister has recently moved there from France. We had a bit of a family gathering and celebrated my parents' birthdays.
On Tuesday we headed back home to the West Country with an extra passenger in the car, my nephew. Miss P and Mast S are the same age (just 3 weeks apart) and share a love of nature and the outdoors.

During the week they have been exploring the countryside, cycling, waving to the steam train going by at the bottom of the field, creating a den (called HQ...) and many other activities. Today Miss P and Mast S went on a 5 km bike ride around country lanes in the Mendip Hills, Alan and I followed on foot.

First stop to say hello to the moos as Miss P calls them

Miss P and Mast S chatted to cows, they were most attentive!

Lovely views on the way

and some lovely houses

Race you!

How much further?

Two happy children!

I am glad that they are both outdoor children, it certainly helps during the summer holidays. I don't like the idea of them staying indoors all day watching TV. We are lucky enough to live in the countryside, in my opinion it gives children far more freedom when it comes to playing outdoors. Miss P has learnt so much since living here.

Since the arrival of the summer holidays it's been all go! So many things going on and of quality time being spent with my family. Normal blogging service will resume in September! (I hardly spend any time on the computer at the moment hence the lack of visits to your blogs, I am sure many of you are finding the same at this time of the year)

I hope that your holidays are going well and that the children are not driving you up the wall yet... ;-)

A bientôt!

Isabelle X



Saturday, 24 July 2010


What a hectic week! End of school, work, paperwork etc....
Today we had a day out away from it all. We went to the Porlock area in North West Somerset. After having lunch in Porlock, we visited a few villages in the area. Our first stop was in Allerford.

As we walked around the village we saw a sign for The West Somerset Rural Museum.
It used to be a school (with a thatched roof). It was built in 1821.
Unfortunately it does not open on Saturdays! ;-(

However, I did peer through a few windows and managed to get some pictures. Not quite the same as visiting the museum but it was the next best thing. It looks as if it is well worth a visit and I will try and go there when it is open.

Victorian classroom

Museum interior

What struck us about Allerford, were the number of vegetable gardens. Almost every house seems to have one. They also have a community apple orchard! You could tell it is one of those villages which has a strong community spirit.

I kept admiring this garden, it was full of dalhias! What a shame they didn't sell any on a stall outside their house...

One of the many vegetable gardens (on the right)

Wootton Courtenay was our next stop.

Inside the Church

Fancy the look of this cottage? It had a FOR SALE sign up.....It has a little stream running at the bottom of the garden...

As you can tell from the pictures, it was one of those dull days weather wise, it kept trying to rain a few times but on the whole it stayed dry.

Have a great weekend!

A bientôt!

Isabelle X

Sunday, 18 July 2010

A Cotswold garden

Yesterday we went to Hidcote for my birthday. I had been wanting to go there for some time, so it was a lovely surprise when I discovered that Alan was taking me there. We are in the middle of re-landscaping our garden, Hidcote was a great place to get some ideas and inspiration.

The entrance

I liked this little area leading towards the restaurant.

As soon as we got there, we headed for the restaurant. I had a goat's cheese & beetroot salad, followed by Strawberry Eaton mess for dessert. All very nice indeed!

The Vegetable garden

Caught doing a spot of shopping!

Another blue door...I am drawn to taking photos of doors, especially blue doors.

As we left the garden we had a little walk around the village.

We finished off by looking around the plant shop

I brought a few things back

On our return from Hidcote, Alan treated me to a meal in a lovely country pub nearby. So all in all I had a great birthday!

We were so lucky with the weather, despite having some rain this week it stayed away whilst we walked around the garden.

Wishing you a good weekend!

A bientôt!

Isabelle X