Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Weekend at the fair

On Sunday afternoon, I went to an Antiques Fair at the Bath & West Showground - Shepton Mallet to have a break from decorating and to do a spot of bargain hunting of course. Although there wasn't as much choice as usual, I still managed to come back with a few things.

I absolutely love the colours and floral pattern

Vintage buttons

Vintage brooches and earrings

Vintage glass vanity set and millinery flowers

A pretty plate

Parasol made with such a beautiful piece of fabric

Klein postcards

A Vintage silk dress from Lizzie's stall

Bark cloth curtain arrived in the post last week from Louise Loves

I have a busy week ahead with my work and finishing off my workroom/office. Pictures will follow sometime next week hopefully.

A bientôt!

Isabelle X

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Number 21 - Shepton Mallet

As mentioned in my previous post, after having looked around Niki's new shop Nostalgia at No.1, I walked just a few yards away to another shop called Number 21. It is owned by Belinda and her husband Wayne. They have a wonderful selection of decorative antiques including some very unique pieces such as wooden prison doors that belonged to the Shepton Mallet prison dating back to the 1600's. You will also find a fine selection of furniture, crystal chandeliers, antique & vintage shoes, cushions, mirrors and other interesting items.

Belinda is an International Design, Marketing and Trend Consultant & Wayne specialises in Architectural reclamation. The perfect combination!

Belinda is very passionate about Shepton Mallet's future and is actively involved in attracting & generating more business and interest in the town centre. She has another blog called A Town in Somerset in which Belinda keeps us informed of new shops or events going on in Shepon Mallet.

Belinda's efforts are paying off. Niki is one of the ones who has decided that Shepton Mallet is 'the' place to open her shop.
After all, it is an ideal location for vintage/antique shops, as the Bath & West Showground (Shepton Mallet) hosts many Antique Fairs and flea markets throughout the year. So remember to pop in to Shepton Mallet's town centre if you are planning on attending an event at the Bath & West. You won't be disappointed!

Number 21 has been nominated Shop of the Month in this month's copy of Country Homes & Interiors Magazine (February 2010)

Congratulations to Belinda & Wayne!

Here is a little tour of the shop...

It is a beautiful photograph, I wonder who she is or was?

Shepton Mallet Prison door dating from the 1600's

Beautiful headboards

So, I may bump in to some of you on one of my visits to Shepton Mallet...

A bientôt!

Isabelle X

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Nostalgia at No.1 - Shepton Mallet is OPEN!

As many of you are probably aware, Niki's shop Nostalgia at No.1
opened it's doors for the first time today. I am lucky enough to live not far from Shepton Mallet. Soon after dropping off Miss P at school, I headed for Shepton Mallet.

Yesterday's post on Niki's blog was very tantalising, it was full of gorgeous pictures. I spent a good half an hour last night taking in all those beautiful items on display.

As I entered the shop, I was given a warm greeting by Niki. The shop feels very homely and welcoming. The lighting creates a warm and cosy atmosphere. If you like the photos you certainly won't be disappointed as you walk around inside the shop.
I didn't take any pictures to begin with, too absorbed with taking it all in.

Niki and her husband have put a lot of work in to creating this beautiful shop and it certainly shows.

It was lovely seeing Lizzie again who also popped in with her husband. Whilst I was there, several people came in and expressed their delight as they walked around.

Naturally I came back with a few things, which I am very pleased with.

If you like vintage, antiques and handmade items, I urge you to have a day out in the area and visit Niki's shop in Shepton Mallet, it really is worth the trip!

After I left Niki's shop, I popped over to another lovely shop just a few doors away called Number 21, owned by Belinda and her husband. More about that shop in my next post...

A bientôt!

Isabelle X

Monday, 18 January 2010


Having just finished watching the news, it is clear that an incredible amount of additional help and money is needed to help the people of Haiti.

The film footages make for sad, shocking and uncomfortable viewing.

We cannot begin to comprehend how it must be to be there right now and to have experienced such a catastrophic disaster. The scale of it all is unimaginable. I dare not try to imagine..

I am sure that many of you have given donations but just in case you haven't got round to it, here is a reminder of where you can donate online.

and don't forget...prayers...



A bientôt!

Isabelle X

Friday, 15 January 2010

Healthy Habits

Delicious breakfast smoothie (Freshly made with natural ingredients and keeps me full until lunchtime!)

Well you have guessed it, going back to healthier habits features on my long list of resolutions. For different reasons, in the past year I gradually moved away from healthy eating and more or less stopped exercising! Not good and now I do feel the difference.

I have never been on a diet as I don't believe in them. I love food! Having healthier eating habits is the answer for me. I went on a raw food course in 2008 and found it fascinating, I learnt so much about the importance & benefits of increasing the percentage of raw food in our diet. I wish I had kept it up...in a way it has proved to me how much better I felt when I ate more raw foods and ate fewer cakes and sugary things!

I am going back to increasing my intake of raw foods and having more smoothies and green juices for breakfast. It also means replacing some cakes and chocolate bars with alternatives such as 9 Bar & Nakd (Sainsbury's and health food stores stock them) Meals are important and I will not be skipping any. I am going to cut back on foods which are not helping such as pre-cooked meals, cakes, biscuits and sweets. Oh yes, I do have a very sweet tooth! I won't cut out sweet things all together (Moderation...) but will reduce them by quite a bit.

Maca Powder.
Viridian Organic Beauty Oil
Udo oil
Are some of the ingredients I use in my smoothies & green juices. I can't recommend these oils highly enough.

I don't usually like snack bars but I like these, they are very filling too.

More info on raw foods (Some sites may appear as a bit 'New Age' but don't let that put you off)
Detox your World
Funky Raw
The Fresh Network
Books on Raw Food

Walking is the other important factor. I used to go on a brisk walk an hour a day (3 miles). I must go back to doing that and make the time for it somehow. That will REALLY help make a difference. You do feel so much livelier afterwards and I do miss not feeling as energetic as I used to.

Alan and Miss P were at home because of snow on Wednesday. We took advantage of this by going sledging in a field not far from the house.

It was so peaceful...

We had the field all to ourselves

The peace and quiet was soon shattered when Miss P shouted WHEEEEE down the hill!

Our house can just about be seen in the distance to the right of the tallest tree.

Walking back.

The snow is beginning to melt slowly and today we've had our first postal delivery in 10 days!

Have a fantastic weekend what ever you are up to.

A bientôt!

Isabelle X