Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Glastonbury Festival - The invasion has begun!

(Photo from Flickr)
It is that time of the year again when the Glastonbury Festival is on or the Pilton Pop Festival as it is known locally (It is held in a place called Pilton which is about 3 or 4 miles away from Glastonbury).

Our quiet little lane has suddenly become busy with traffic as cars, vans and lorries try and avoid the main road which is at this very moment crawling very slowly. IT IS TAKING 3 HOURS FROM FROME TO THE TOP OF OUR LANE. It should only take 15 minutes! As the lane that we live in is a single track lane, you can imagine the difficulties with the unusually high volume of traffic. Several cars reversing and maneuvering around our drive... Many of them driving TOO FAST!!!
This morning more cars trying to maneuver in narrow space outside our drive
The helicopter activity above has also increased and soon... we will hear the music coming from the Festival depending on the direction of the wind. We live about 5 -6 miles away from where the event takes place. During that time access to our nearest town, Shepton Mallet is to be avoided! Getting children to school and running any errands is very awkward during the Festival especially at the beginning of it and that the end of it.
Despite all that there is a special atmosphere in the area during the festival, with a feeling of fun and livelyness. So many different people making their way there. I love seeing all the different outfits , individual styles and colourful vehicles!

Phoebe took it on upon herself to make up her own sign and is waving it at cars which go past our house too fast.

Here is a taster of what the festival looks like
Before the crowds arrive...
Tent invasion
Pictures from Flickr
Thunderstorms are forecast at the weekend, lets hope that they won't result in this sorry looking outcome....
You can also see some photos in 3d (red & cyan glasses needed) if you click on the following links

If any of you are going to the festival, set out early and have a great time!

A bientôt!

Isabelle x

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Kitchen close ups and crochet delights

I have had a busy weekend progressing with the kitchen. My computer has left the kitchen and has been moved to my workroom/office upstairs. Hurray! More room in that area for pretties instead!

The walls have already been painted (Honey by Laura Ashley). Now we need to paint the wooden cupboards, back door, kitchen chairs and windows. In one area, (where the computer, scanner, printer and speakers used to be) I have began arranging things, moving them around every so often until I am satisfied that they are in the right place. I love doing that! More photos to follow when the decorating has been completed.

Sneek peek at some of the things I have been putting in my computer free area.

Flowers on our kitchen table

On Tuesday I was meant to go on part 3 of my crochet course held at Marmalade Yarns in Frome but unfortunately was unwell so couldn't attend. However, they kindly let me pop in yesterday so that I could go through my granny squares and correct some of the errors that I had made when left to my own devices at home. I left there feeling a lot more confident about making granny squares. Just before leaving, I bought 3 balls of acrylic wool to practice with.

I love this combination of colours!

I began working on this square last night.

Some of what I did yesterday.
Although I have made several mistakes on the way, I do find crochet very enjoyable! So many things that I want to make in time, Ooh, the possibilities....

During the week this arrived for me......

(click on pictures for larger size image)
This beautiful scented bag is from Sonia's giveaway which I was lucky enough to win! It arrived with a pretty roses card. When my daughter saw this, she gasped saying how lucky I was to win something so pretty.
THANK YOU Sonia, I love it!

Happy Father's day to all the Fathers out there!

Isabelle X

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Wedding Anniversary

Today is our wedding anniversary, Alan and I have been married for 3 years. Here are a selection of pictures of the beautiful and wonderful day we had. It was a hot and sunny on that day.
Tiara I wore with a veil, Pearl Heart locket necklace and little light silk and antique lace jacket if I felt cold (It didn't get much use as the temperatures were quite high on that day)
I bought the necklace from BASIA ZARZYCKA, Sloane Square, London

Her shop is wonderful to walk around in and explore, jewellery and vintage things here there and every where. It is small and compact but there is so much too look at! Everything is so beautifully displayed. I love that shop. The instant I set my eyes on this necklace, I knew it was the one for me.

The tiara, I bought at an antiques market in Bath

For my bouquet, I wanted some flowers that you would find in a garden to give it a more natural look, there were roses, hebes, various herbs, honeysuckle and some blackberries at their green stage. I was so pleased with it, the scent was heavenly.

The happy couple in Church.
It was a joint Church of England & Catholic wedding ceremony.

My dress was made with a mixture of new and old.. All the lace used was antique. It was fun designing and chosing the fabrics etc. It was made for me by a bridal shop in Wells. The lady who made the dress for me very quickly tuned in to what I was after and came up with a selection of antique lace for me to choose.

My lovely bridesmaids (my sister and my niece), flower girls (Phoebe far left and my sister's daughters and page boy (My sister's son). They were all fantastic and really helped make our day a special one.

Phoebe loved the flower petals confetti (We used dried delphiniums)

Alan and I on our way to Marston House, nr Frome where the reception was held.

Marston House

Marston House

Getting ready for some photos, we were all very hungry by then...

Marston House is a great setting for a wedding, we loved it there.

We haven't looked back since! Happily married and enjoying life together.

A bientôt!

Isabelle x

Friday, 12 June 2009

An un-expected blogging break!

After an absence of almost 3 weeks, I am back again. Computer & Internet problems have been the main cause. I have also been extremely busy generally. I have changed computer and am up and running again. I was going to feature The Vintage and Handmade Fair after having taken several photos of the lovely events but that evening is when all the troubles started.

I had a fantastic time there, it was so nice to meet some fellow bloggers for the first time and others whom I have met before. Here are some of the gorgeous things that I brought back home with me.

Knitting bag from Amanda (Shabby Chic -Totnes market)
Plate from Lucy Bloom and cup mauve tea set x 4 from The Vintage Magpie

Pink embroidered cushion from Amanda (Shabby Chick)
The two gorgeous bunnies from the The Vintage Magpie
The green coat hanger from HenHouse
Decorative picture with 2 girls from Sal's Snippets

Vintage dress from Liz The Washerwoman

I finally placed my order with Cath Kidston using the Easy Living Magazine discount and here are some of the goodies.

Tablecloth and two pillowcases

Plates, bowls, jug, pink (not shown) and blue glasses

Two more pillowcases (As if I didn't have enough... I am a bit like Posy when it comes to pillowcases)

During these past couple of weeks, I have started learning how to do crochet at Marmalade Yarns in Frome. They run courses, mine started 2 weeks ago and runs for 5 weeks (1.5 hours a week). I have had 2 lessons so far and love it!
Inspired by Attic24, Julia Crossland, HenHouse, Posy and other blogs. I decided I that I really wanted to have the satisfaction of having crochet things made by me instead of buying them. The whole process and very therapeutic (once you get the hang of it!)
Marmalade Yarns shop interior

Taking notes and learning how to make Granny squares

On Tuesday, my way back to the car, I popped in to The Golden Goose to buy an oilcloth tablecloth (another passion of mine, I can't stop collecting table cloths) and some paper lanterns.

More news on how I am progressing with my crochet next week.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Lilly and Larry who are 1 today!
Off to Bristol (Clifton) tomorrow to do a spot of shopping.

A bientôt!