Friday, 12 June 2009

An un-expected blogging break!

After an absence of almost 3 weeks, I am back again. Computer & Internet problems have been the main cause. I have also been extremely busy generally. I have changed computer and am up and running again. I was going to feature The Vintage and Handmade Fair after having taken several photos of the lovely events but that evening is when all the troubles started.

I had a fantastic time there, it was so nice to meet some fellow bloggers for the first time and others whom I have met before. Here are some of the gorgeous things that I brought back home with me.

Knitting bag from Amanda (Shabby Chic -Totnes market)
Plate from Lucy Bloom and cup mauve tea set x 4 from The Vintage Magpie

Pink embroidered cushion from Amanda (Shabby Chick)
The two gorgeous bunnies from the The Vintage Magpie
The green coat hanger from HenHouse
Decorative picture with 2 girls from Sal's Snippets

Vintage dress from Liz The Washerwoman

I finally placed my order with Cath Kidston using the Easy Living Magazine discount and here are some of the goodies.

Tablecloth and two pillowcases

Plates, bowls, jug, pink (not shown) and blue glasses

Two more pillowcases (As if I didn't have enough... I am a bit like Posy when it comes to pillowcases)

During these past couple of weeks, I have started learning how to do crochet at Marmalade Yarns in Frome. They run courses, mine started 2 weeks ago and runs for 5 weeks (1.5 hours a week). I have had 2 lessons so far and love it!
Inspired by Attic24, Julia Crossland, HenHouse, Posy and other blogs. I decided I that I really wanted to have the satisfaction of having crochet things made by me instead of buying them. The whole process and very therapeutic (once you get the hang of it!)
Marmalade Yarns shop interior

Taking notes and learning how to make Granny squares

On Tuesday, my way back to the car, I popped in to The Golden Goose to buy an oilcloth tablecloth (another passion of mine, I can't stop collecting table cloths) and some paper lanterns.

More news on how I am progressing with my crochet next week.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Lilly and Larry who are 1 today!
Off to Bristol (Clifton) tomorrow to do a spot of shopping.

A bientôt!


Clare said...

Hi Isabelle,
You bought some lovely things. I like the oil cloth from Frome, such a sweet pattern. Have a good week.
Clare x

Hens Teeth said...

Great purchases.
Good luck with the crochet. I agree it is very theraputic.

Lululiz said...

Ohoh, another crochet addict in the making!

Wonderful buys from the vintage fair, they are all so very pretty.

Anonymous said...

I may have to try crocheting again, I'm all thumbs when it comes to knitting and crocheting.

You found some lovely things. I especially like the CK pillowcases, and the sweet bunnies remind me of one I had when I was small.

Give Larry and Lilly a birthday squeeze!


Les Cotrions said...

Wecome back Isabelle! I see you'd lots to do during the past weeks! Faboulous purchases! I like Kth Kidston too! I've the same jug...I bought it in London on Jan!
Good work with crochet! I can't do it!
Have a nice week end!

The sewing room said...

Such lovely pretties from the fair and your crochet class looks realy good so glad you are getting the hang of it there will be no stopping you now have a great weekend.

Carole~Maynard Greenhouse said...

Hi Isbelle,
Happy to here your computer problems are over. How frustrating for you. I'd be lost too. What great purchases you've made. I love knitting and find it so relaxing. I guess the repeation is what is so soothing.
Enjoy your weekend!

koralee said...

Missed you! Glad to have you back! What amazing finds you have so beautiful....i admit i love pillowcases as well...those ones are so lovely along with the dishes...pure bliss!!!

Knitty, Vintage and Rosy said...

Too yummy for words!


Moonspinner said...

Welcome back I missed you!

Love that knitting bag! Lovely post.xx

June said...

Hi Isabelle,
So glad you're back!I love all your buys. The Kath is all so pretty. Good luck on the crochet.

THIS'N'THAT said...

Hi, Good to see you back but hope you found some peace from the enforced rest! Pity Frome isn't nearer. I could do with going to a workshop like that to overcome my wool demons. I can sew but have never had a good relationship with wool!
I see that you bought two bunnies at the fair ... they are definitely on my want list!
Lesley X

Sal said...

I wondered where you had gone!
Glad you enjoyed the V&H fair!
I love your vintage dress! ;-)

bex said...

ohh wow! i really want to crochet granny squares likemy nana! wisht here was somewhere around cheltenham to go and learn!! glad your technology issues are solved

Anonymous said...

What a lovely post. xxxx

The Vintage Kitten said...

Nice to see you back. You have some gorgeous things there from the fair X

The White Bench said...

Hi Isabelle! What fabulous yummy goodies!!!! Love love love them all!

Hen said...

Hello Isabelle,
I was wondering where you had been, good to have you back! What lovely goodies you picked up at the Fair, it was great to meet you, thanks for coming to say hello. The vintage dress looks fab on the hanger. Splendid news that you have taken up crochet, I'm sure you will soon be addicted! I looked out for you at the Yeovil car boot sale today. Some good buys were made! Glad Larry seems to have recovered from his illness.
Hen x

Reflections from the Stone Nest said...

Oh, You really have brought back some beautiful treasures! I love the knitting bag. And, I too would love to learn to knit and crochet. Hope you have a wonderful week,


lilylovekin said...

The vintage and handmade fair looked like it was full of wonderful things. Good luck with the crochet I'm sure you will pick it up without any trouble and soon be making all kinds of wonderful things for your home and your family.

Beth Niquette said...

What lovely, colorful photos! Just too cool!

Lucy Bloom said...

Ooh, you've bought some beautiful things - thanks for the mention too. Now that you've taken up crochet you'll have even less time - it's very addictive!

Julia said...

hello Isabelle!

Lovely to have you back, I was wondering where you'd disappeared to!! :)

What gorgeous finds from the fair, and all that delcious CK stuff, I think I would be in realms of ecstacy if all that dropped through the door!!
Thank you for the mention, its nice to hear I might have inspired someone somewhere - I look forward to seeing what you create, and its the nicest thing isnt it - making something with your own two hands!

Sending love, smashing to see you back here!

Love Julia xxx

Flower Girl said...

What lovely things you found at the V&H Fair - I wish I lived nearer! I love to crochet - it's so relaxing and grows much quicker than knitting! I taught a granny square workshop at a local knitting shop last week and it was an absolute delight to see the look of pleasure on the ladies' faces as they mastered the technique. Good luck with the lessons. Rebecca x