Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Fabulous FABRICS!

On one of my recent posts, I mentioned that I had bought some fabric from Donna Flower. A few days later, my parcels arrived. The presentation is always so neat and pretty.

You can always rely on Donna's website for a fantastic selection of vintage fabrics! It is no surprise, that Cath Kidston has mentioned Donna as being a supplier of antique & vintage fabrics in her latest book SEW!.

I was very disappointed not to have been able to attend Donna's Open house event recently but these parcels made up for it in some way.

I like a wide variety of textiles, old and new. My absolute favourites are vintage ones, especially dating from the 1930's, 40's & 50's.


1950's Abstract Floral Cotton

1950's French Floral Fabric (So beautiful!)


1950's Purple Rose Velvet Fabric (Photo doesn't really do it justice!)

1940's Bloomsbury Style Floral Fabric (Love it!)

1940's fabric Red Roses on Blue

1950's Stylised Floral Fabric (Really love the design)

Other textiles obtained recently. I acquired some discontinued sample books - Cath Kidston and Baer & Ingram full of fabric and wallpaper samples.

From Cath Kidston book

From Baer & Ingram book

There were also a couple of Ebay purchases

Liberty Tana Lawn Fabric "Felicite"

Cath Kidston fabric

Yellow and grey vintage sheets

I hope that you are all enjoying the half term holidays what ever you are up to! No school runs or getting packed lunches ready for a while ;-))

A bientôt!

Isabelle x

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Can you ever have too many books?

Hello everyone! You've probably guessed that these past couple of weeks have been busy ones for me. Not much time for posting or visiting blogs. There has been quite a lot furniture being moved around the house and work going on in my workroom (I must find another name for it, it sounds industrial when in fact it is a cosy little haven!). We are getting much closer to finishing the lounge AND...my workroom.

I thought I'd share close up pictures of the bookcase in our lounge. I LOVE books and keep acquiring them...There are more books throughout the house...

I hope you enjoyed the little bookcase tour. When I go to some one's house or stay in a B&B, I am always drawn the selection of books that is there. Always looking to discover something new or interesting.

A bientôt!

Isabelle x

Monday, 12 October 2009

Thatched cottages & conkers in Dorset

On Sunday we had a FAMILY day out, no work & no thrifting for vintage things. Just walking, exploring and collecting leaves & conkers.

We went to MILTON ABBAS in Dorset. It is a village that I used to visit frequently when I lived 8 miles away from there. I lived in Dorset for 3 years (1981 to 1984)

Milton Abbas is a beautiful village. I hadn't been there for many years so yesterday's visit was a trip down memory lane for me. Neither Miss P or Alan had been there before, they were both taken by the pretty cottages.
One thing that struck me on arrival is that there were a lot more cars than I previously recalled, a sign of our times. That was a shame, as the village looks so much nicer without all the cars there. I know, people live there and need them...still a shame though...The tea room was no longer there! ;-(( I was looking forward to a cream tea...

Despite it not quite being as it was when I used to live in Dorset, it still remains a lovely village which I enjoyed going back to. You can tell from all the photos on this post!

The village has a lovely pub called THE HAMBRO ARMS



Walking down the village, Miss P & I had fun choosing which cottage we would live in given the choice. We often like to play that game when walking around a pretty place.

It was not an easy choice but this was the one for me. Same cottage as shown in the first photo. Photo doesn't really do it justice.

This was another contender

and that was also another contender! You can see how it would be hard to choose.

Walking away from the village we headed towards a footpath

We walked 1/2 mile collecting leaves and conkers on the way until we reached...

Milton Abbey and MILTON ABBEY SCHOOL (Independant boarding school)

Arriving there, brought back lovely memories. Here, is where I learnt to shoot (riffle & pistol - targets only). There was a shooting club held there once a week in the evening. I loved it! It was very well run, family run and friendly. I was about to be put forward to join the Dorset Women's Team but a move to Kent put a stop to that...I tried to find a decent club close to where I had moved to in Kent but none were as good or as NICE! I do sometimes wonder what could have been... I know that it's never too late but now I have so many other things to do & plans AND a husband and child which I did not have then. Then, was my opportunity!

Views from the abbey

Inside the Abbey

The detail is so beautiful, the work that went in to this is amazing.

On our way back we drove through Sturminster Newton - Dorset where I spotted this lovely looking shop AGNES & VERA. But that will have to be for another visit, it was closed.

I simply love that shade of green!

Great window display.
Peeking through the window made me want to come back again when it is open.

I couldn't resist these fun looking recipe books which I bought at the Abbey.

I love Dorset and can't wait to go back again soon...

I hope that you all had a good weekend!

A bientôt!

Isabelle x