Monday, 3 October 2011

LONDON - Mind Body & Soul and Sylvanians

On Saturday we were up at 5.30 in the morning.
Dawn is a spectacular sight. Just before leaving, the sun was only just beginning to rise, there was a low mist floating above the field and all that could be heard were the birds singing. My thought at that moment was: "What a wonderful start to my day..."

As we drove out of our quiet little country lane more stunning views were awaiting on the way. The pictures above were taken just before reaching Stonehenge on the Salisbury Plains.
Our destination: LONDON!

I won tickets to the Mind, Body and Soul Experience at Olympia in London and was looking forward to going. Miss P was very keen to go to London too but for other reasons, to visit the Sylvanian Shop.

We arrived not long after the doors opened.

Once inside, we walked around all the various stalls, some more interesting to me than others. Things like: Healing, aromatherapy, aura soma, crystals, superfoods (wheatgrass), yoga, meditating were very interesting. 

You all know that I love vintage things but may not know that my other passion is to do with complimentary therapies, healthy and holistic living, etc... I am qualified (IFA) in Aromatherapy, Swedish Body Massage and Champissage Head Massage. I trained and qualified in Kent in 1999/2000.

This picture doesn't do the stall much justice, I was so engrossed watching the demonstration of this fantastic machine that I forgot to take a photograph at that time. Most of the time the stall was packed with people watching the many uses of the Vita-mix.

Salt lamps

The lady on this stall was very nice and helpful, I had quite a long chat with her. Colour therapy is something that interests me but have not read much about yet.

After leaving the show we took the tube to Arsenal, home of the Arsenal football ground and home to...

....the Sylvanian Families shop!
If you have children who are in to the Sylvanians, then they will love this shop. Although it is quite small, they have several displays which Miss P and I loved.

Just a few yards away, is Cafe Vintage where we had a late lunch. We also needed to rest our weary legs and get out of the heat for a bit. It was unbelievably hot for this time of the year.
Not only can you eat and drink there but you can also buy vintage clothes and homewares.
What a great combination!

We had a lovely day and on our way back home were treated to a spectacular sunset.

Miss P recently won a year's membership at a golf club (25 minutes away from home) after obtaining the highest score at a fete about a month ago. Yesterday she had her first golf lesson and really enjoyed it!

Have a great week!


Isabelle X


Betty said...

Looks like a really good day out - the little shop is interesting. Congrats to Miss P hope she enjoys her new hobby. Bettyx

Madelief said...

Hi Isabelle,

What a lovely day you and miss P had! That sunrise is enchanting. The vintage café looks like the sort of place I might enjoy visiting as well.

Good luck to your daughter. I hope she will not get as addicted to golf as my brothter is. He is on the golf course at least four times a week ;-)!

Lieve groet,

Madelief x

jill said...

Hi Isabelle,thank you for the comment on my blog.I would of loved to have come to the M B S fair I love all that im also qualified in aromatherapy love it.Your sunrise and sunset pics are beautiful.Hope your daughter enjoys her golf.Love Jill xx

Anonymous said...

Dear Isabelle, I always thought you were involved with natural therapies in some way! I too, started training for my Aromatherapy Degree. I did a year and then dropped out of the course as I couldn't see myself working from a clinic. I love the oils however and really they are my little friends. I would love to embrace more herbal healing and growing my own herbs. I feel very drawn to that type of thing. Your day out in London looks wonderful. I too, have been embracing the 4am and 5am starts but only to head to the writing shed. Your energy always feel so calm through the Blog so not surprised at all to hear you were in this field. One day I would love a post on your natural therapies career if you ever feel like sharing. And Miss P playing gold sounds awesome. She is such a sporty little girl.My Daisy had her card out the other day looking at it and saying she’s going to draw her a picture. I love the toy store. We went to Hamleys in London a couple of times which I loved. Heaven! I couldn’t take Daisy there, she’d never want to leave.xx

Fågel Blå said...

Thanks for ypour comment on my blog!!!!!
Lovely photo you show us!!!!
I whish you a nice week!

The Cookie Jar said...

Looks like you and Miss P had a lovely day out.

The photos of the sunrise and sunset are beautiful.

Marigold Jam said...

Sounds like a perfect day out! I still have my daughter's Sylvanian families house and the little animals and furniture from 25 years ago - didn't know you could still buy them.