Monday, 12 September 2011

Food Intolerance and Blue and White

Hello everyone,

Had a good weekend? We went to Bath on Saturday to get a few things and for an appointment that Alan had for food allergy/intolerance testing. When he came out of there, he showed me a list of what not to eat....All the foods and drinks he likes basically. It will require a lot of changes...NO YEAST, SUGAR, DAIRY (the 3 worst offenders) FRUIT, BEER, WINE etc....A challenge for me to come up with some tasty food using ingredients that Alan isn't usually too keen on. He has been advised to try and follow advice 100% over the next 6 to 12 months minimum. No sugar, no sweet things...that would be a really hard one for me!

I have been busy reading various books over the weekend to come up with ideas of tasty snacks, breakfast, lunch and dinner. I love looking through recipe books, cooking and baking. However, I will have to see what I can come up with and it will have to be varied otherwise Alan will quickly get bored with the same old foods.

This morning I have been working in the kitchen whilst listening to Classic FM. I was waiting to hear some of the music from Downton Abbey. Dusting the shelves inspired me to post about some of the things I have in my kitchen. I have always liked blue and white together, such a fresh and pretty combination.

Some of my tablecloths

The spice jars are from Belgium and the Sul (salt) pot is a gift from my Father. He bought it for me on one of
his travels many years ago.

Back to my kitchen now...


Isabelle X


Vintage Sandy said...

I love all your blue n white items in your kitchen just lovely and sorry to hear of all the allergies your hubby has wishing you & him success!

Hesta Nesta said...

Blue and white is so classic and always looks fabulous in a kitchen. I inherited a beautiful blue and white dinner service and it looks stunning on the table at Christmas time. Sounds like your hubby's diet changes are going to be very challenging. My friends husband has just found out he is diabetic and she is finding all these lovely new recipes to do, some are better than the originals. Have a great week.
Jo xx

Hen said...

Beautiful pics, Isabelle. Hope you are all keeping well, poor Alan!
Hen x

Andi's English Attic said...

Blue and white always draws me. It's so fresh. xx

Floss said...

Oh Isabelle, drool (as regards the blue and white china)! My kitchen is blue and white and much to my liking, too...

I've just got back from the Troc shop where they have a lovely set of china kitchen drawers (just the china drawers from a wooden cabinet I guess). They have blue cherries on (rather like some of yours) and there are lots of drawers - maybe 8 big ones for the dried goods and 8 little ones for spices - all labelled. The Troc shop is asking 65€ which is way beyond me. But it may be what they're worth, I suppose - they are very lovely.

So, to other matters - thanks so much for your comment; I do hope you find good foods which really help Alan and; finally - we are featuring pretty much the same plate today!

marigold jam said...

Lovely blue and white post. Hope that Alan's dietary changes prove worthwhile - it will be a challenge for both of you but you may come up with somne foods that are better than your previous diet staples eh?!! Thanks for taking the time to post such an interesting comment on my blog too.

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Loving all your blues! I have always had a blue is a classic and always feels fresh to me! Hope your hubby is feeling better soon! :)

Jem said...

I'm sorry to hear that Alan will be losing out on some of his yummy favourites! It sounds as thought you're already on the case with finding tasty alternatives though! :-)

Blue and white - honestly one of the most calming, elegant, beautiful combinations to my mind. I'm so keen on blue and white in all things, these are beautiful pictures and I can see I'll be popping back to moon over them again before long!

Jem xXx

Isobel said...

I love the blue and white combination too. Your pictures are enchanting!!

OhSoVintage said...

I love blue and white too though my kitchen accessories mostly seem to be red. Love the French storage jars! Why are food intolerances always to foods we love - I wouldn't mind being intolerant to anchovies or liver!

Madelief said...

Hi Isabelle,

Such a beautiful collection of table cloths and jars you have!

It must be hard for Alan not to eat all the things he loves any more. I hope his health will improve by it. Good luck with the cooking! It's quite a challenge :-)

Madelief x

Carole said...

Such pretty images Isabelle. Blue and white are such restful colors.

Love the new blog layout too.


harmony and rosie said...

What beauties you have in your kitchen, I could happily give each and every one of them a home!! Poor Alan, I've been through it with my children and it's no fun but once he's got used to the idea he'll start feeling on top of the world and won't even want those naughty things!!

Kate x

Anonymous said...

Food allergy is one of the worst things.I may have allergy to some kinds of food, too, and I know how frustrating it is, especially if you're a foody person, like me!I'm sure you will come up with alternative recipes in time. Thanks for the kind comment you left in my blog!

Rose H (UK) said...

Hello Isabelle
I hope you dear heart can adapt to his new diet regime. Could you use Fructose instead of Sucrose for sweetening?
I love all your gorgeous blue and white!
Thank you for your sweet comments. I'd like to welcome you as a follower :o) It's so nice to 'see' you!
Best wishes
Rose H

Country Cottage Chic said...

Blue & white is such a classic combination so it always looks so good.

Hope you are able to come up with some tasty cooking ideas.

Anonymous said...

Dear Isabelle, I am sure I should be on such a diet as well. Daisy has had to follow a very strict diet for around six weeks but they have relaxed it a bit now. I am becoming more interested in eating plans such as the Paeleo diet and also raw food. Our modern lifestyle is really tough on our stomachs. Before this post, I was never a big fan of blue and white in kitchens but I think you have converted me! I remember drooling over some old photos of Brigitte Bardot with her lovely blue and white collection. Have a lovely day. I hope Alan sticks to his diet.xx