Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Juicy Apples

Blue sky at last! Today I took the opportunity of picking some apples from our garden. Something I love doing on a day like today. We've had grey skies and drizzle over the past week and it's not quite as much fun picking fruit in those conditions.

This apple tree is in our back garden. They are cooking apples.

This field is to the left of the apple tree. I sometimes like to pause for a while and look out in to the distance. You can sometimes see deer and foxes crossing the field. At other times you hear the distant sound of church bells on a Sunday morning or some evenings in the week when they have bell ringing practice. I never take all this for granted, I still appreciate it all.

Larry having his idea of fun with Lilly. Lilly is a lot more gentile and her brother can be a bit too boisterous for her sometimes. They do get on nevertheless!

This apple tree is in our front garden, these apples are the ones which I picked today as I wanted to make some apple juice.

Off I went with my basket. That should be enough for 2 or 3 days worth.

In they go, chopped up in to the cold press juicer. This is the best juicer I've ever had. So easy to use and hardly any mess. It also produces more juice and more goodness. Not cheap though.. I believe it is a lot cheaper in USA. It is particularly good if you drink green juices or are on a raw food diet. You can also make ice creams, pasta and other things with it too.

Et voila, freshly pressed apple juice. Delicious!

A bientôt!

Isabelle x


Isobel said...

That juice really looks delicious! And I just love the picture of the kittens!! Soooo sweet!

Lori said...

your kitties are so cute:) i always wanted a juicer...what a bonus that yours also makes pasta...i just love fresh pasta...lovely pictures today!!!

KC'sCourt! said...

Autumn is here when the English Bramley is ready for! I love juicing!
What sweet little kittens

Pomona said...

Nothing like apple juice - you can tell from my pic that it would be my favourite! Hope you tried out my muffin recipe - was it a success?

Pomona x

The White Bench said...

Fabulous, Isabelle! Unfortunately we have no apples this year, due to the awful hailstorm I blogged about some time ago. Sigh.

The Garden Bell said...

Nothing like fresh press apple cider to start your day. Those apples to look good enough to eat right off the tree. We are less than a month from our trip up to Door County in Wisconsin. It's Honey Crisp picking time. I can already taste their goodness. I have multiple orders from my gardening buddies in the neighborhood to bring them a bag or two back.

Thanks for sharing your hearty goodies from the groves.. The Garden Bell - Kate

Anonymous said...

Your apple tree reminds me of my grand-dad's garden. He had three apple trees that he carefully tended. We would pick the apples and make pies from them.

I have a persimmon tree in the corner of my back garden, but no idea what to do with them. The birds and squirrels seem to get the best of them before I have a chance to pick them, so perhaps I'm not meant to have them!

Lululiz said...


Lyn said...

mmm Isabelle that looks delicious!
I picked some of our cooking apples today, thought I would make a small apple crumble, sun is out so we might have it with ice cream!
Thankyou for visiting my blog and leaving a lovely comment.

Lyn said...

mmm Isabelle that looks delicious!
I picked some of our cooking apples today, thought I would make a small apple crumble, sun is out so we might have it with ice cream!
Thankyou for visiting my blog and leaving a lovely comment.

Fee said...

Oh im so jealous that you have your own apple trees.

Im sure its so nice cold from the fridge.

Anna said...

Yummie, that looks so fresh!

Anna x

The Fairy Glade said...

Hi Isabelle, love the sound of that juice press. I have several apple trees in my garden and always struggle with what to do with all the fruit. There is only so much crumble a girl can eat! Dev x

p.s. have emailed you an invoice. Thanks.

Riet said...

Such lovely pictures, your apples look delicious and the kitties are adorable.

sarah-jane down the lane said...

OMG, how good does that apple juice look in that pretty pretty glass, I am really coveting that!
The Larry cuddling Lily picture is soooooooo cute, funny little catkins :D

Thanks for your comments on the velvet lace debate, I am currently sporting one of each! tee hee

Love Sarah x

Les Cotrions said...

You're lucky to be able to pick apples from your own tree! Your juice looks delicious!
Bonne soiree!

robin dudley-howes said...

Beautiful pictures, especially the cats! thanks for the well wishes!

Annie x said...

WOW that juice looks so good!! What a beautiful view you have to look at too!
Just found your blog through one of my friends list and LOVE it!
Glad to have come across itr and look forward to reading more!
Annie x

Annie said...

The apple juice looks lovely, especially in those lovely flowery glasses !
Ann x

Rosemary said...

How nice to have such a wonderful garden with apples. The juice looks so good. What cute kitties!!!

Beach Vintage said...

OK I am totally jealous of your apple tree in the backyard. And that glass of juice is making my mouth water. Thanks so much for dropping by Beach Vintage and leaving a comment. xx

andamento said...

Beautiful photos, it looks a gorgeous day.

I wouldn't mind some of that apple juice!

June said...

Hello Isabelle,
Reading your post made me tingly all over. You were able to put into words so beautifully the joys I find in my own life. I felt as if I was standing next to you looking over that field of beauty and hearing the church bells ringing too. I never take all of this for granted either. Thank you for your lovely post today.

María Cecilia said...

Hello, you have a very pretty, lovely blog... like all your posts.
María Cecilia, from Chile, southamerica

koralee said...

oh yummy...I so love this time of year! Now I want to make applesauce...don't have a juice maker! Great images!

Bleudelavande said...

Hi Isabelle tank you very much for you lovely words!
Your apple tree is fabulous and that apple juice looks so delicious!!!!
Have a nice day my dear!

LiLi M. said...

We have a juice maker too and I have to say that nothing beats fresh apple juice! You are so lucky to find the apples in your garden. We have two small trees, they still have to grow, with about 5 apples, I left them for decorative reasons. Your kittens are so sweet too. Have a nice day!

Fiona said...

Oh that juice looks delicious. I would love a juicer. How lucky you are to have such wonderful views from your garden. I can see fields from our upstairs windows but I have to lean out a bit and look to the right! Would love one day to be able to see fields from the garden. We've got blue sky here too. Makes such a difference.

Becky said...

Oh I adore freshly pressed apple juice! Been munching on windfalls from my parents garden for a ouple of weeks now, but we haven't started picking yet so no juice just yet.

re said...

We're picking apples too, a whole orchard of them!

Josephine Tale Peddler said...

To see deer and foxes crossing the field sounds like something from a fairytale to me. Magical, lovely apples! If I look over the distance from our cottage I will see a park and then trains and peak hour traffic! I would love to see a little fox. Thank you for your lovely comment. You always leave such beautiful comments, Isabelle. xx

Slices of Beauty... said...

Gorgeous, love those freshly picked apples and the juice!
Makes my day.

Duchess of Tea said...

Darling I can just imagine how delicious those apples are. As for your first paragraph... it melt my heart. You described the scene so well, love to hear distance church bells. Thanks for the visit.

Love & Hugs

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

You're such a healthy country bumpkin, Isabelle! ;-))
Isn't this warm weather wonderful...have a lovely weekend,
Niki x

Kitschen Pink said...

somehow the juice from your own trees always tastes that little bit better... don't you think?! Although our boy will not drink it of course - I mean - no additives or concentrates or funky packaging - heaven forbid! t.x

bellaboo said...

Thankyou for all your lovely comments on my means a lot when you've just ventured into this new 'world'.That lovely glass of apple juice...could drink that right now!

Bellaboo x

bellaboo said...


lilylovekin said...

How lucky you are to be able to pick apples right out of your yard. I got some at the farmers market and made a sour cream apple pie. Nothing beats the smell of fall like something baking in the oven.

Duchess of Tea said...

Darling, have a lovely weekend.

Love, Hugs & Tea
Duchess ♥♥♥

Bumble Bee Cottage said...

I wish I had thought to juice a few of our apples. Apple juice adds far fewer centimetres to the waistline than apple crumble :)

Torie Jayne said...

So many gorgeous pics, I love the basket of apples and your cute floral glass, such happy sunny pics!Have a sweet Sunday!x

Alicia ~ Time Worn Style said...

finally been able to visit you now i have changed over to fire fox, it just kept shutting down before that for some reason. We have apple trees too but stoopid native possoms eat all the fruit before we can even get near it. hard to love the wild life sometimes!!