Thursday, 7 May 2009

Isle of Wight trip and What happens when you get up to childhood antics!...

The Needles - Isle Of Wight

On Saturday we took the ferry from Lymington (Hampshire) to Yarmouth (Isle of Wight).

We went there for a family get together. My sister has 3 children, it was their 1st communion and confirmation on Sunday. They live in the south of the Island nr Ventnor. We always enjoy visiting them, Phoebe loves seeing her cousins and in the run up to visiting them, that is all we heard about. Sunday also happened to be my sister's birthday which we also celebrated.

St Catherine's Lighthouse, Niton

View from St Catherine's lighthouse

On the Sunday we went to a church in Carisbrook for the confirmations. On the way to the church guess what I saw. A vintage shop called Oh So Vintage! The next day I went back to Carisbrook to see if it was open but being Bank holiday Monday, it was closed. Just as I was about to take a photo of the shop, a Morris minor pulled up at the traffic lights, I couldn't believe my luck and took a picture of the Morris minor with the vintage shop in the background.

My favourite car!

I wondered if it belonged to Ruth from Oh So Vintage but looking at the contact info it does not appear to be the same.

After the confirmation, we all went back to one of my sister's friends house where the children played and the grown ups exchanged conversation. My sister called me in to the garden and suggested it would be a great idea if I had a go on a swing attached to a tree. As I was wearing a fitted vintage dress you can understand my initial reluctance. As I climbed up the ladder, everyone came out to have a look! The pressure... After getting a feel for it, I decided that my dress would not stretch enough for me to leap on to the wooden seat. I decided not to go ahead saying that if I had worn trousers it would have been a different matter.

Seconds later, my sister's friend 'kindly' gave me some shorts for me to put on. After a quick change I came out with my dress pulled up to my waist and wearing the shorts. It was such a fetching look! As you will see from the photos...

Up and away!

Oh dear, that's where it went all wrong...
Holding on for dear life!

Ouch! Rope burn and a bruised ego.... (How un-lady like!)

My sister to the rescue...

My sister feeling bad as she had suggested it

Mummy are you alright? Said Phoebe, in between giggling her head off
As you can see, I couldn't stop laughing about it and quickly regained my dignity...

On Monday it was time to make our way back home. We all had a fantastic time and did not want to leave!

Yarmouth, this picture taken last time we went to the Isle of Wight

As we waited for the ferry, Phoebe asked to have a look at the'ladybird' with ugly teeth.

Explanation of what it is.

I hope that you all had a good bank holiday weekend. Another weekend coming up! Here is hoping that it will be a good one for you.
Thanks to all of you who entered the poll. The results have been interesting.
Still catching up with blogging and if I haven't visited your blog for a while, I will get there soon!
Larry seems to be getting better, not what the vet had expected! We need to go vet again soon though to make quite sure it is not just the antibiotics covering up something else! Fingers crossed, he does seem his normal self again which is so wonderful to see.
A bientôt!
Isabelle x


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting the photos, especially of Yarmouth. We used to go there quite a bit when I was a child. That brings back many happy memories.

It looks like you had a wonderful time, especially with the rope swing. You're much braver than I would have been - I'd have been afraid of breaking something.


Mandy said...

Oh how lovely we went to the Isle of Wight last year for a week stayed in a friends house there am hoping to go back this year! Its great. Love your pictures.

bex said...

ohh, great pictures! i love rope swings!....and flying foxes!! there good too!

June said...

Hello Isabelle,
What a delightful post. The pictures are so lovely. I love the pics of you flying through the air. Looks like a great time with your family.

The sewing room said...

Your braver than me it looks a lovely place ,looks like you had a fab time.


Carole~Maynard Greenhouse said...

Hi Isabelle,
I really enjoy when you take us on your trips. Your posts are always so packed full of fun. The Isle of Wright looks beautiful. My husbands family is from the Isle of Man. I wonder if that's close? I have to say I got a kick out of the pictures of the you on the swing. At least you were able to laugh at yourself and not get too hurt. You have a beautiful smile and you light up all of our lives with your blog!!!!

Have a great weekend. Here in the US Sunday is Mother's Happy Mothers' Day again!!!!
Oh, so happy Larry has turned the corner and feeling better.

Clytie said...

Beautiful scenery photos, and delightful rope swing series. You are a very good sport!

koralee said...

Thank you for sharing you wonderful weekend...your photos of your swing ride are adorable..looks like your daughter had just as much fun watching you! I think i told you before but i will tell you again...your homeland looks so enchanting and charming...i would love to walk those streets... enjoy your weekend .

Kathy said...

What a beautiful trip you had. I love the pics of you trying to get on the swing. It sounds like you had lots of fun!
Thank you for sharing.

Beth Niquette said...

I love your photos! You are pretty when you laugh. (grin) That's something I might try to do, too. at heart, eh? (grin) Have a wonderful rest of the week! (what's left of it, that is!)

Laura said...

What gorgeous countryside! You look as if you had a wonderful holiday and visit with your sister....The pictures of the beautiful scenery pale in comparison to your beauty! Thanks for sharing your holidays with us....Be well, Laura

Les Cotrions said...

Oh my God Isabelle! I'm happy to see you had a marvellous time with your sister's family! Stunning photos you took and Phoebe...she is a beauty!!!
Have a sunny week end!
Big hugs

OhSoVintage said...

Well, Well, Well! I've never heard of this shop at all. Fancy a shop having the same name as our website. No, there is no connection to us at all but I wish it was my shop, I would love to own a shop and spend all day faffing about with my stock, talking to customers and selling things of course! Thankyou for taking the photo and bringing it to my notice. I can see the Isle of Wight if I lean right out of my loft window so when I next go over there I will definitely look this shop up. I love what I can see of your vintage dress by the way. Where do you buy your vintage clothes from? We would like to branch into selling vintage clothes but I would probably end up keeping a lot myself (as I do with a lot of the rest of the stock)
Ruth x

Anonymous said...

Great piccies, I really enjoyed looking at

Doolallysally said...

Great fun, you made me laugh out loud as the photos unfolded. You are having such fun. Great looking shop what a shame it was shut. I've never been to the IOW but I'm thinking I should do! Have a great weekend. Love Salx

Bonjour Madame said...

Oh the swing looks like a lot of fun! That vintage store looks great too. I enlarged the photo and it looks like there are some great handbags in the window.

Lori said...

Isabelle, sorry i have missed a few google reader wasn't listing them for some reason...i resubscribed, hope that fixes the were very brave to try the rope swing...i would have been terrified...what a cute post!!!

Ragged Roses said...

That sounds like the perfect weekend to me! I haven't been to the Isle of Wight for years and we have been meaning to return for such a long time.
What a wonderful photo of the Morris Minor outside that shop, it is as if time stood still...
Lovely photos of you and your family.
Hugs to Larry

Debbies-English-Treasures said...


Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

...And when I bumped into you at Illminster, you seemed such a quiet lady, Isabelle!...
Give you a rope swing and you're away! (Very brave of you, I have to say...I probably would have done the same thing though!) Well done to the photographer - great action shots!
The Isle of Wight is such a magical place, especially for children. (Well it did bring out your inner-child, didn't it?!) We used to love Black Gang Chine, but I suspect much of it is now in the sea. And Robin Hill's, or something like that, with lots of animals to pet and cuddle.
Have a lovely weekend,
Niki x

A Vintage Mood said...

Hi Isabelle! You're a brave woman! Brave for trying out that swing and brave for showing us all what followed. Not that the pictures are bad ~ they're actually quite adorable. I'm just now catching up on all your posts, I hope Larry will soon be well. Sending hugs across the ocean.

Sal said...

I adore the Morris aptly parked!
My first ever car was a cream coloured Morris Minor...which failed its MOT as it had a 'sunshine floor' ;-(
Enjoy the weekend!

Clare said...

Sounds like you had a great time despite the rope burns!!

Cowboys and Custard said...

Despite your injuries .. I loved this post. As the saying goes.. every picture tells a story and it was rather like watching a slow motion film of your maiden voyage on the swing..
I have to admire you for looking so graceful and laughing it off.. I would have looked entirely different had it been me flying through the air.. You have heard of Dumbo haven't you?

Michele xx

Alicia ~ Time Worn Style said...

My dads very first car was a Morris Minor convertable, I love them too! Loved the action photos of your swing attempt, too funny!!

A Bun Can Dance said...

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Having had replies from several people, here's my suggestion:
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I'm very much open to suggestions with the location though. The days suggested would make it possible for Sue at Vintage to Victorian to join in.
I shall send the above to all others who showed an interest too!
D x

Redwoodhouse said...

Hi Isabelle, looks like a perfect weekend to me, loved your 'game for a laugh' pictures looks great fun if a little painful. Fab Morris Minor.

Floss said...

Hello again - I just discovered, to my horror, that you're somehow not on my blog list, so I've hastily added you and now will spend some time catching up...
I've started my Franco-Scottish Giveaway if you'd like to pop over and have a go!
Thanks for this most entertaining post.