Saturday, 12 March 2011

Sometimes you have to compromise...

I know that all I have been posting about lately is the move to the new unit. That is all we have really had time for apart from also getting Miss P's new bedroom ready now that I have vacated it. It has been pretty much work, work and work recently. We have not had a day off for a while!

My choice of colour for the workroom room was a calm off white colour by Farrow & Ball called "Pointing". It is a shade that I have used in other areas in the house.

Miss P had very different ideas on how it should be decorated. The emphasis was on getting rid of the "boring old" vintage look and the floorboards! Miss P knew exactly what she wanted, two walls in electric blue, two walls in pink and a bright green carpet.

Being in to vintage and favouring more subtle colour schemes I was somewhat apprehensive at the thought of such bold and bright colours and having a bright grass green carpet instead of painted floorboards. I'll be honest, I was not too enamoured by the idea.

However, I recognised the importance of children having a room that they can feel is truly theirs and reflects their personality and tastes. It would be all to easy for me to go in there and turn the room into my vision of the child's vintage bedroom but it would not be fair on Miss P. It would be what I liked and not what Miss P liked.

I have seen many dream vintage looking children's bedrooms in magazines, books & websites and wonder how many of those children had a say in it?.... Do those bedrooms reflect the Mother's tastes or the child's?

Miss P adding her personal touch

This is fun!

After a first coat and I have to admit that it is looking better than I imagined.

I will post the final look when the green carpet has been fitted on Wednesday.

It is Alan's birthday tomorrow and we will be having our first day off in ages. I am looking forward to taking him out for a much deserved lunch at a nearby pub.

Have a lovely weekend!

A bientôt!

Isabelle X


All things nice... said...


Sorry I haven't stopped by in so long, I have been so busy with work and planning my new house. Looks like you have lots of things going on too, redecorating and moving to the new unit, I hope everything is going well. Your new unit looks lovely and you are lucky to be near Becky from dots and spots. Have you fully moved yet? Hope your enjoying your weekend

All things nice...

KC'sCourt! said...

I bet her new room will look absolutely fantastic
Julie xxxxxxx

Jelly Jam said...

Oooh, can't wait to see the carpet! Miss P looks like she's enjoying herself.

Cape Cod Rambling Rose said...

Oh my - I am going through this very same thing with my own 10 year old daughter! She wants her room to be lime green! So far we've gotten a lime green carpet and lime bean bag chair... I'll do the best I can for her (I too have to remind myself it is HER room and not mine; I so wanted to make it vintage, too)! ;) Your daughter does look so happy!!! ;)

SWEET MARY said...

Miss P's bedroom looks gorgeous, she has chosen well. But I do love your new "space" and feel quite envious. I am squashed into a bedroom/sewing room and dream of a much larger studio.

ted and bunny said...

it'll be HERS now! (and you'll have your fab new workplace ) xx
Have fun

bellaboo said...

Sorry I havn't commented for a while.I have been popping in to see what you've been up to.It all sounds very exciting!Many happy returns to your hubby!
I love that F and B paint colour too.Have just painted my bathroom mirror and shelves with it. :0)

BusyLizzie said...

Miss P's room will look wonderful I am sure! Hope you have had a super day off.. I have manged a rare one too! Lizzie x

Clare said...

quite agree really is her space now

ahomespunyear said...

Can't wait to see it when it's finished...but I think it's right to encourage children to be creative even if it's not quite our style. Isn't it funny how they always seem to go for plastic toys in lurid colours, rather then the tasteful wooden ones?

And I remember when my son chose bright blue and orange for his bedroom. I soon covered that when he moved out!

Vintage Sunday said...

How wonderful that Miss P can experiment with her own 'style' - I'm so thankful my dear Mother allowed me to experiment with my own style in my bedroom (even though it was the garish 70's!). Permission to express yourself - even if it's not what other people like - is such a blessing, and bodes well for later in life. Well done! (And the good thing about paint is that you can always paint over it! :-)) God bless, Brenda

Anonymous said...

Hello, I shall show Daisy this post. She shall be most interested. She is still in the stage of pink, pink, pink. That's good for me as I love pink too! I agree totally with you, Isabelle. Children do have to feel their own space is theirs as tempting as it is for us to create our idea of the perfect room. Miss P looks as cute and pretty as ever. Her room is going to be wonderful. She may have her own taste but she's inherited your style. Don't forget to post pics when it's done! xx