Thursday, 30 April 2009

The simple pleasures

Thank you all so much for your kind words, prayers and good wishes for Larry. He doesn't appear to be walking as awkwardly as before. We are not sure if it is because of the antibiotics he is taking for the bladder infection he also has. We are still waiting to hear when he can have the MRI scan.
When I began blogging recently, I thought of it as an exchange of ideas, pictures, crafts etc.. I had not expected the support and friendship that I have received over the past couple of months since starting my blog. I have been amazed and at times overwhelmed by the kindness and thoughtfulness. I thank you all for that!

This morning, I decided to pop in to the Women's Institute Market in Frome before doing some shopping in Sainsbury. I enjoy the W.I. markets, I get a lot of pleasure buying things which are home grown & homemade. So much more enjoyable than supermarket shopping! I bought a plant, a little bunch of Lily of the Valley (the ones in our garden are not quite ready yet), some duck eggs and a homemade Somerset Apple cake.

I really like the flavour of duck eggs. The tablecloth in the background is one of my favourites, I love the embroidery and the freshness of the pale pink background.

The Somerset apple cake had to be sampled as soon as I returned from my shopping trip... :o)
It was delicious! It was moist and with generous pieces of apple. It was hard not to to have more but I have to leave some for Alan! Not Phoebe's sort of cake, she isn't too keen on pieces of fruit in a cake.
I have started catching up with some blogging so expect a visit from me soon...
Just a little reminder that I am doing a poll on painting furniture in the right hand column.
A bientôt!
Isabelle x


the pig lady said...

I love lilly of the valley, my Mum's wedding flowers and something that reminds me of playing in my Nan's garden when I was little - thank you for the trip down memory lane. I will put the kettle on and join you in a cup of tea and enjoy the nostalgia. Lots of hugs for Larry. Debs x

Pink Feather Paradise said...

I am really pleased to have found so many friends in blogland..

I think people are very quick to judge the book by its cover these days and in Blogland you get to know the person before you perhaps see what that person looks like... I know a lot of bloggers have pictures, and I find those people are sometimes the hardest people to get to know..

I dare say many people on blog would not have necesarily stopped to talk to some of the other bloggers, purely on the basis of what they look like... sad I know... but unfortunately true...

Me on the other hand I am always striking up conversations with complete strangers...friends of mine think me wierd, they always say "did you know them?" and I answer "no... but I do now!"

Give Larry a tickle under chin from me... and I love lily of the valley... its so beautiful!

x Alex

The Whispering Poppies said...

What delightful photos! Your lily of the valley is GORGEOUS! Mine are just 2" of tiny green sprigs at the moment; our growing season is a bit behind here on Cape Cod... even the rest of Massachusetts has gorgeous flowers already! The cake looks yummy! Happy to hear there's some progress with your sweet kitty; my kitty has been more sociable so I know she's feeling better, too. =) I'll still keep Larry in my kitty-prayers!

The sewing room said...

So glad Larry is responding well please keep us informed so we can keep him in our thoughts.I adore Lily of the Valley i would buy some if i could as i have just the perfect little vase for them or freesias.Its true you do make a lot of friends in blog land i also agree with Alex.
Enjoy the rest of your day best wishes Pat.

Oh by the way that cake looks scrummy.

Katie said...

Oh golly, I'm so sorry to hear about Larry. I've only just caught up with your latest post. I'm thinking of you all and hope the news will be good. We have two cats and they are such characters. Cats have an uncanny way of coming into your life and making a huge impression. They give so much and all the want is some yummy food and the odd warm nook and cranny to sleep in!

It's wonderful to meet such lovely people blogging. I was thrilled when you got in touch with me over at my blog.

Your blog photos were lovely...Lily of the Valley is so pretty!

Give Larry a big cuddle from me, xxx

Shabby Chick said...

Hi Isabelle

Really hope Larry keeps on getting better, sorry I think I missed your last post. Love your pictures, lily of the valley used to grow like wildfire in the front garden where I grew up so it's always lovely to see.

Mel xxx

koralee said...

Lily of the Valley is my birth flower and i love pretty.
Glad to hear Larry is not getting any worse.
Your images are lovely today and i am so wanting a slice of that yummy looking cake!! Have a great day...xoxo

Sonia ~ Vintage Rose Designs said...

Glad to hear larry is doing better. I love your Lilly of the valley flowers. The tablecloth looks really pretty and the apple cake looks delicious too.

Sal said...

Frome sounds such a lovely place.I really must try to get there soon!
The Lily of the Valley are so beautiful!
Big hugs for Larry, from me ;-)

Les Cotrions said...

Ohh I love markets so much! Marvellous flowers you bought...I'd like to have a piece of that apple cake...very delicate tablecloth!
Wish you a sunny week end!

Anonymous said...

I love your photo's.xxxxxxxx

Clare said...

Yum..sounds delicious

Laura said...

Hi Isabelle,
Happy that Larry is a bit better...poor kitty....I am waiting for my lilies of the valley to pop out....a few more days! Your pictures are so pretty!
Be well, Laura

bekimarie said...

I totally agree with what Alex said. I have made some lovely friends through blogland, friends that I may never meet and yet that doesn't seem to matter. I seem to have more in common with some of my bloggy friends than I do my real life friends.
Love your flowers, they're so pretty.
Beki xxx

Carole~Maynard Greenhouse said...

Hi Isabelle,
SOOOO happy Larry is doing better. Talky our little injured stray is doing better too. I love the photos of the embroidered tablecloth with the flowers and duck eggs. I think you must have the most charming house. Your colors are so warm and inviting.
I'd be in trouble with that applecake...George is always saying "you ate that much" when it comes to sweets. Opps, I guess I did!!!
Thanks for another wonderful post...see you soon.

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Hi Isabelle,
So glad to hear Larry is doing better. I love the Lily of the Valley - so pretty and reminds me of my sweet Grandma. Your shopping trip sounds lovely. I too avoid the usual shopping mart if possible ;)

Alicia ~ Time Worn Style said...

oh that lily of the valley is divine, all the snails eat ours here when they try to come up. Actually they are big black slugs urrrgh!
glad to hear larry is on the mend.

Julie said...

Glad to hear Larry seems to be improving, and will keep hoping for good news.

Cake looked scrummy - you were very restrained to leave some!!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend

Anonymous said...

So happy to hear that Larry is on the mend!

Your flowers are lovely - I wish I could have fresh flowers in the house but my silly cats won't leave them alone.

The apple cake looks delicious - I might have to try making something like it soon.

Have a lovely week-end!


Beth Niquette said...

Hello there! How wonderful that Larry is a little better. I am a new blogger, too, and have had the same experience.

I have just been blown away by the kindness and genuineness of the people I've met here.

((hugs)) Beautiful entry today, I enjoyed every wonderful photo (they filled my eyes), and every word.

Stephenie said...

Happy to here Larry is doing somewhat better!!! I love you post, the flowers are just amazing...I can't wait for my flowers to bloom here...That cake looks just so yummy!!!
It's really nice how bloggers are just so supportive..That's one of my favorite things about blogging..Most of all it all you lovely ladies...

Jackie said...

I just rememebr being in Paris on 1st May and they were everywhere.