Wednesday, 25 February 2009


My first ever blog post! I have plans to launch a website at the end of this year, beginning of the next. I will be making and selling hand made items out of vintage fabrics etc. and various other lovely vintage finds. Until that day, I thought it would be a good idea to get started on a blog first.
Suzy's Vintage Attic, the name of my Blog & future website is inspired by my late Aunt & Godmother Suzy Hella. She lived with my late Grandmother in a big old house in Belgium and at the top of the house was an attic which my sister and I loved going in to explore.
It was a large room with a fireplace, a little bed, little kitchenette with blue & white delft tiles and a working table where my Aunt did her sewing. The windows had old crackled glaze glass with sweeping views of the village, church and Meuse Canal below.

The moment you walked into that house, you stepped back in time. I have very fond memories of my childhood holidays there.
My Aunt made a lot of her creations in that old house, she was very talented. She saved everything, knowing that at some point she'd be able to transform it into something interesting and she invariably did.
I wish I had paid more attention and shown more interest when I was younger, she could have taught me so much! When I go to various fairs, I often think of her when I see something I know she would have been drawn to or would have bought.
The picture above is of my Aunt carrying her sister Arlette (My Mother)

Isabelle x


Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi Isabelle,
WELCOME to blogland! I look forward to following your blog...
I adore the banner that you have created - one of my favourite colours! ;-))

Your Aunts home sounds dreamy - I love the image of the attic sewing room that you describe.

Hope to bump into you (not literally!) at one of the vintage fairs soon,

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Hi Niki
You are the first one to post a comment! Thank you for your kind comments. I love blues & greens together. Sadly, I am no longer able to go to that house as my Aunt & Grandmother have both passed away but the wonderful memories will always be there with me.
Hope to bump into you soon at one of these fairs.
Isabelle x

Clare said...

Hi Isabelle, Congratulations on your venture into blogland! A lovely post to start with. Love the soft blue/green hues - do I recognise that chrysanthemum fabric?! Good luck with your website. Speak soon, Clare

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Hi Clare
Thank you for your post and lovely comments. Yes it is that very one I bought from you. I love that fabric! Being one of my absolute favourite colour schemes, it was perfect for the display.
Speak again soon
Isabelle x

manon said...

bienvenue dans ce petit monde sympathique!


Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Merci Manon, c'est un petit monde qui me plais beaucoup. Isabelle x

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Bonjour Isabelle,
I found you via Alice's beautiful blog (Thoughts from Alice W). How nice you've shared about your Aunt/Godmother. What an endearing first post. I believe many of us think of days long gone by and wish we would have paid closer attention and grasped each moment. Your post really spoke to my heart and how I feel of my grandmother and my dad. The large room with fireplace you spoke of sounds like a warm, cozy, safe place.
Bonne journée!

Counting Your Blessings said...

Hi Clare. Your photos over here are just lovely! And I enjoyed reading about your aunts house. I think so many of us have a house like that in our childhood memories that we wish we could go back to.

When you are ready to begin your online shop, we would love to have you join us over at French Cupboard ( I think you'll fit in ever so cozy. ;)

Can't wait to get to know you better!

Blessings... Polly

Ali ~ Betty & Violet said...

A lovely introduction to your blog! I took the plunge just after Christmas and am really enjoying the connection with other like minded 'vintage collectors'. Good luck with your blog and creating your website!

Cowboys and Custard said...

Bonjour Isabelle
I love how the labyrinth of the blog world leads from one path to another and you found me again via my blog.
Your memories of your Grandmother's house in Belgium struck a real chord with me as my late mother came from Belgium and I have very fond memories of my holidays at my Grandmother's house near Brussels.
Please forgive my failing memory .. I would love to be able to recall our meeting at the Bath fair. Was it you who bought two of my box frames.
I hope we will meet again and it would be lovely if you could come to
the Vintage & Handmade Fair that I am organising in May with Jayne from Country Cottage Chic.. you will find several bloggers there that you might well know.
A bientot

Laura said...

Hello Isabelle, I am new to blogland as first post was on February looks like we share a love for the same types of things...I will check back often. Have fun!

Clare said...

Hello Isabelle,
I loved your little ones dress..what a super idea. i bought a lovely fifties dress for my daughter I know what to do with it when its too small for her! Its a lovely blog.
Clare (daisy darling millinery)

Bonjour Madame said...

Congratulations on your new blog. I too love vintage costume jewelry. The sparklier the better!

Sonia ~ Vintage Rose Designs said...

Hello Isabelle,
Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I really enjoyed reading yours and all about aunt Suzy. I loved all your goodies and pictures. I will be visiting you again. Have a great week!!

Something White said...

I can see that you´ve the same smile as your mother! And even if your mum is still a little child on this picture and you´re a grown-up (picture on the right side), it´s amazing how much you both look alike. Anyway that little child - I think - could definitely be you! :)