Saturday 28 April 2012

Buttercross Vintage Market - Somerton

Somerton(Ancient Royal Town of Wessex) is a lovely little market town in Somerset. It has character and some very nice architecture.
Luckily for me, it is only just over half an hour away from where I live. 
Today the Buttercross Vintage Market was being held in Somerton. The perfect excuse for me to pop over there to have a look and do a spot of shopping!

I didn't get around to photographing all the stalls but here is a taster!

Liz (The Washerwoman) and her husband Jack

I really wanted to come back home with that yellow vintage cabinet but sadly no room for it at home

(The Devil Makes Work)
Woo makes gorgeous unique creatures, dolls and other creations out of vintage fabrics

Vintage Jane
I bought some map/stamps greeting cards from Jane. I am always drawn to maps and stamps and like making collages with them. I couldn't resist getting a couple of her cards.

Jo Greenidge - Remnants of Time
I found some pretty vintage wallpaper, a yellow cushion and some fabric from this stall.

Savoy - Art Deco Collectables
Such a beautiful array 1920s and 30s things
If you are in to Art Deco this is stall was a real treat!

Red Fox
I loved the colours used

Jenny Jones

 Stunning bouquet of flowers bought from Jenny Jones' stall

I very much enjoyed the Buttercross Vintage Market, the selection was varied and many stalls were reasonably priced. I found quite a few things for home. A successful shopping trip!
I look forward to the next fair which will be on SATURDAY 8TH SEPTEMBER 2012.

 60s / 70s textiles, a couple of cushions, greeting cards, vintage paper lanterns, vintage wallpaper

Back home now and time to continue with some decluttering. I took 3 bags full of things and a big box to a charity shop this morning. It's a satisfying job to clear out things that you no longer need but being a collector and a hoarder there is plenty more to go through. 

Have a great weekend!

Saturday 21 April 2012


(From Treutmade's stall - beautiful sewing box, I love the colour!)

This morning I went to The Vintage Bazaar in Frome, Today I was there as a visitor which was lovely as I had time to have a really good look around the stalls and stop to have a chat with some lovely friends and stall holders.

There are a lot of photos but then there was so much to look at!
Here is for those of you who couldn't make it there today. There will always be next time!
I was one of he first ones in so managed to take pictures of the stalls before they became crowded with visitors. 
Enjoy the tour...
Gertrud Treutmade


Liz Van Hasselt (The Washerwoman)



Amanda (Shabby Chick) has a regular stall at Totnes Market

Miss Cherry Bomb - The Singing Starlet
(Sorry about poor quality picture!)
I really enjoyed the songs that she sang, especially Mad about the boy and many others.
It gave the fair that extra vintage atmosphere

Lucy Bloom






                            Sally (Sal's Snippets Vintage Fabric)


Debbie and her beautifully displayed garden stall



Nigel Collins 

I do hope you enjoyed the tour...

I did buy a few things. As you can tell, I was in the mood for COLOUR!

Thank you for your lovely comments on my previous blog post.  It's wonderful to think that there are so many kind and thoughtful people out there :-)